Blue Sunstone Kurma


INR 675


This spectacular Kurma (turtle) is carved in blue sunstone with finesse. The blue colour of this stone soothes the eyes and fills the surrounding with peace. The stone appear like a night sky which is dark blue and filled with twinkling stars. As per scriptures, Lord Vishnu took form of a Kurma (tortoise) to support the mountain Mandara from sinking during churning of ocean of milk (Samudra Manthan) for nectar of immortality. Lord Vishnu took the entire mountain on His back acting as the base of the mountain. Tortoise signifies longevity as it lives for many years. The Kurma avatar of Lord Vishnu signifies stability which is a significant aspect of Saturn! The ability to stay stable despite of temporary setbacks is the quality Saturn. Made in man-made Sunstone, the Kurma symbolizes support, inner strength and stability and removes malefic of planet Saturn. The Kurma symbolizes good luck, harmony and longevity. You can place this Kurma on the office table/ work desk / living room.

Direction: Place the mouth of the tortoise facing West direction. Ideally to be kept in a plate half filled with water in the East direction of house.