Ceylonese Moon Stone - 3 to 4 carats


INR 5,250


A lustrous natural Ceylonese Moonstone, of superior quality and which can be worn as a Ring or Locket/Pendant, by anyone, irrelevant of Birth chart/Kundli. Moonstone is a semi-precious stone associated with planet Moon, which balances mind and emotions for wellbeing and bestows good health. When worn, Ceylonese Moonstone brings clarity, confidence, good fortune, prosperity, success, ample opportunities. The meritorious Moonstone enhances psychic abilities and intuitive power, creativity, self esteem, beauty, brings love, peace, calmness, heals relationships with people and relaxes aggressive behaviour. Therapeutically Moonstone is known to heal diseases/ailments of reproductive system, fertility problems, mental imbalance etc. It works to align and balance the Sacral or Swadhisthana Chakra which is the seat of creativity and self esteem and self acceptance.Read more

Moonstone from Ceylon or Shri Lanka is considered of high quality and therefore preferred to be worn for optimum benefits. It is a favourite stone of healers and psychic mediums.

Wear the lovely Ceylonese Moonstone for peace and bliss.

Quality: Flawless
Color: Translucent White
Luster: Excellent
Shape: Cushion
Origin: Ceylon
Dimension: approx. 9 x 8 x 6 mm
Price per carat: Rs 1500

Certificate will be provided.

Wear on little finger only for full results. Alternatively wear this as a bracelet.

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