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Chakra Vastu Bells


INR 1,450.00


Heavy brass bell in brass with Trishul, Yantra and the Auspicious planetary mantras. Gayatri mantra adorns the base of the bell. When kept in the dwelling, it promotes harnessing of the powerful planetary energies and removing malefics.

Available Planet Bells:

  • Shree Surya Yantra - Shree Ram Raksha Yantra
  • Shree Chandra Yantra - Shree Santan Gopal Yantra
  • Shree Mangal Yantra - Shree Hanuman Yantra
  • Shree Budh Yantra - Shree Vishnu Yantra
  • Shree Guru Yantra - Shree Saraswati Yantra
  • Shree Shukra Yantra - Shree Mahalaxmi Yantra
  • Shree Shani Yantra - Shree Durga Yantra
  • Shree Ketu Yantra - Shree Ganesh Yantra
  • Shree Shiv Yantra - Shree Durga Yantra

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    Height: 8.25 inches
    Weight: 392 gms


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