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Chakra Vastu Ganesha Avatar - Design IV


INR 750


Ganesha in His Vastu Avatar in ornate form and framed elegantly in a Semicircular top frame.

Ganesha holds the Divine Conch, Discus, flower and Mace. He is in His three-eyed all-knowing form and holds a Holy trident. He sits on a celestial lotus which is a symbol of abundance. The Snake gods around His head unleash their fiery flames that burn the ignorance of living beings. This form destroys anger, ego, lust and illusions and leads one to have positive thoughts and pious life.

He holds His divine rope and club that kill negative forces like arrogance, ego, anger, and greed. He holds various divine weapons possessed by other gods.

Placement: You may place this frame at the entrance of your home/office for inviting auspicious energies. Installing Chakra Vastu Ganesh in the south-West corner facing North or East drives away negative Vastu influences and invites stability and prosperity.

Design: Made finely in Resin casting and gold painted to perfection, this Idol is framed in fibre frame. A Ganesh Yantra is affixed behind the frame.

Dimension: 7 (H) x 5 (L) Inches
Weight: 110 gms