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Chaturbhuj Shaligram


INR 5,100


This natural Chatujbhuj Shaligram with naturally formed neat impressions and smooth texture is a powerful Shaligram. It represents the Chaturbhuj Maha Vishnu (the Supreme Lord), Who has four arms. Chaturbhuj Narayan holds four weapons, Panchajanya Conch, Sudarshan Chakra, Kaumodaki mace and Padma(Lotus) in His four arms. Worshipping the Chatujbhuj Shaligram bestows blessings of Chaturbhuj Vishnu. The blessings of Panchajanya helps attain victory over opponent and makes the worshipper capable of controlling his mind. Sudarshan Chakra represents time and bestows blessings of realisation of absolute truth and Kaumodaki mace represents primordial knowledge and bestows intellect to make the worshipper self-reliable and attain wealth and fame. Padma Lotus is symbolism of purity, detachment and responsibility thus blesses one with virtues of self-dependence and reponsiblity to attain honour and success in life through efforts. This highly auspicious Shaligram is beneficial for spiritual seekers and householders alike.

Shaligram are sacred stones naturally formed and found in Gandaki-river in Nepal. It is worshipped as representation of Lord Vishnu Himself and does not need consecrations and rituals of cleansing. Worshipping the Shaligram with dedication and devotion blesses the family in six dimensions of life, protection, wealth, spiritual progress, righteous living, good health and pleasures. The worship includes Abhishek with Tulsi water and Panchamrit (sugar, ghee, cow milk, curd and honey).

Height: 3.3 inches
Length: 1.9 Inches
Width: 1.4 Inches
Weight: 91 gms