Copper Nag - set of 2


INR 120


A set of two Nagas reveals the mystery of the role that snakes play in mythology. Made in absolute copper, one idol strikes the original position of a snake in its divine state; being seated circularly and the other in momentum which signifies acts (karmas). 

 Lord Shiva has His Naga around His neck, Lord Vishnu rests on Ananta and Buddha’s crown has the impression of a divine snake. Vedas state that Nagas who protect your home from the darkness and bring rains onto Bhuloka (earth). Install these two Nagas and worship them with their eight names: Ananta, Basuki, Padma, Mahapadma, Takchak, Kulir and Sankha. Offer them milk on Naag-Panchami. One may immerse them in flowing water after their Kal-Surpa Puja ceremony. 

Dimension of Nag: approx. 1.0 (H ) x 0.9 ( L ) x 0.9 (W ) inches
Dimension of Nagin: approx. 0.6 (H ) x 1.9 ( L ) x 0.7 (W ) inches
Weight of set: approx. 8 gms