Dark Pink Opal Mala - 8mm


INR 2,100


Origin: Australia

Beautiful Opal Mala made using natural Opal gemstone beads in thread with tassel.

Opal gemstone bestows beauty, power and financial prosperity, it is also worn for those in business, particularly connected with travel and tourism, imports & exports. It is also worn for personal charm. Opal also enhances love and affection in personal & family life and ensures good opportunities. It enhances the capacity to foretell and thus has been used by the most successful astrologers and occultists. It also helps the wearers to win litigation cases and to have greater stability in life.

Bead size: 8mm
No. of beads: 108+1
Length: 34 inches

This item is made of 100% natural and untreated gemstone and certificate is shown here. If you need certificate for your individual product, you will need to email us at contact@rudracentre.com and pay an additional amount of Rs 300.