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Decorative Earthern lamps - Set of 4 - Swastik Design


INR 200


This set of four earthen Swastik lamps /Diyas are of vibrant colours. Fill your homes and office with positivity and abundance by availing this spectacular set of earthen lamps. The deft hands of the potters worked to make these lamps of perfect finish.

Each Diya is designed such that it seems a Diya is kept in the middle of a Swastik symbol. There are four green flower designs in between each hand of the Swastik. The primary colour is yellow, the rims are red, dotted with white. The centre of each Diya is Indigo blue. Each colour has their own significance. Red represents Shakti (power), green for prosperity, yellow for energy and enthusiasm, white for peace and purity.

Height of each Diya: 1.75 inches
Top Diameter of each Diya: 1.5 inches
Weight of the set: 515 gms