Desi Ghee


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Presenting 100% pure Desi Ghee prepared from milk (A2 variety) of Desi Gir cow (Indian native cow breed) in the farms of Rudra Centre in Nagpur. The Desi ghee is produced naturally using traditional Bilona method resulting into great tasting ghee which is sattvic (pure and purifying) and high in nutritional content. Because of its purity, A2 Ghee / Desi Ghee holds high position in Hindu puja rituals. The pouring of Ghee into Yagna fire symbolises re-enactment of creation. As per scriptures, Brahma, created Ghee by rubbing or "churning" his hands together and then poured it into fire to engender his progeny.

Procedure: Our Gir cows are given Ayurvedic medicinal herbs and allowed to graze in open to procure high grade A2 ghee. The cow’s milk in heated and then converted into curd. The curd is then hand churned with wooden churners (Bilona method) and butter obtained from this process is boiled in slow cow dung cake fire, which helps retain the nutritional value. It takes 35 liters of Gir cow’s milk to procure 1 liter of Desi Ghee.