Devi Maa Shringar kit with Green Saree


INR 2,375


Offer the gift of reverence and gratitude with this beautiful Shringar kit containing handpicked items for adornment of Goddess Durga. Offering this kit symbolises the Purusha(Shiva) which is the Soul offering gift of beauty, harmony, gratitude and fulfilment to Prakriti(Shakti) who symbolises the material nature.

This kit contains:
Green coloured saree with blouse 1 piece
Mangalsutra with diamond stud pendant
Designer red & green coloured bangles studded with white stones
Silver plated Payal(anklet) stud with multicolored stones
Set of beautiful silver plated Bicchoo(toe rings)
Maroon Bindi
Eye Kajal

Weight: 350 gms