Diyas in Gomedh - Set of 2


INR 1,225


Set of four Diya lamps beautifully crafted from natural Gomed (Hessonite gemstone) to illuminate the space and invite luck and fortune. With sturdy built, these lamps ensure durability. The lamp imparts healing benefits of Gomed, which brings speedy success, unexpected luck, and fortune and dispels confusion. The lamp is ideal to use for those affected by malefic of planet Rahu. Designed as Chaturmuki lamp, a lamp to hold four wicks, it is believed to also bring overall prosperity and fulfilment. The lamps make a beautiful way to welcome Maa Laxmi during Diwali, when placed near entrance or in puja room.

Lighting of Diya lamps are inseparable part of Diwali festive celebration. All houses are well lit to welcome Goddess Laxmi who is believed to grace beautifully lit house with blessings of abundance and prosperity on this day.

Dimension of Each Gemstone Diya:-
Height: 1 inches
Length: 2.1 inches
Width: 1.3 inches
Weight: 170 gms