Diyas in Green Jade - Set of 4


INR 1,875


Charming set of four lamps handcrafted in natural green Jade to attract attraction and fortune. With refreshing hue of green, these finely durable lamps fashioned in traditional style, is very beautiful way add a traditional touch to your décor during festivals, puja and religious ceremonies. When lit it emits a warm glow while rendering a healing experience. Green Jade promotes energies of fortune, love, peace, abundance and harmony in relationship and business. Place the lamps in your puja area, garden, porch or near entrance to make an elegant way to welcome Goddess Lakshmi.

Diya lamps denote purity and goodness and widely used as traditional lighting during Diwali festival. Lighting them during Diwali is believed to attract the blessings of Goddess Laxmi in form of abundance and prosperity.

Top Diameter: 0.8 (H) x 1. (8 L) x 1 (B) inches
Weight of set: 143 gms