Diyas in Yellow Jade - Set of 4


INR 1,875


This set of four Diyas is beautiful way to illuminate your favourite space while creating a soothing aura. Each of the Diyas have been handcrafted meticulously from natural yellow Jade gemstone. They illuminate the room with soft glow while discharging the positive vibes of the gemstone. Yellow Jade promotes the energies of luck, wisdom, balance, loving relationship and balance thus also making these lamps suitable for gifting to near and dear ones on Diwali or special occasions. Place the lamps in puja room, house entrance, centre table or garden and add an alluring touch to your festivity.

Diwali means series of light, is an integral part of this festival. Lighting of lamps is symbolic of dispelling of darkness and moving into light. It also makes a beautiful way to welcome Maa Laxmi for blessings of abundance and prosperity.

Top Diameter: 0.8 (H) x 1.8 (L) x 1 (B) inches
Weight of set: 142 gms