Durga Maa in Sunstone - 718 gms


INR 17,200


This beautiful idol of Maa Durga is intricately carved in a single sunstone gemstone. This idol features Goddess Durga seated on a lion holding eight different weapons in Her eight hands. The magnificently carved ornaments, crown, clothes, weapons, features of the Goddess and the whole idol is a masterpiece. This Idol showcases Goddess Durga holding a Charka in Her first upper right hand. The Chakra symbolizes dharma (duty/righteousness). Lotus flower in Her first left upper hand, symbolizing detachment. She is seen holding a trident (trishul) in Her second right hand. The Trishul symbolizes courage. Club in Her second left hand is the image of Hanuman and symbolizes dedication and surrender. Sword in Her third her right lower hand symbolizes eradication of vices. The bow and arrow in third Her lower left hand represent both potential and kinetic energies and it signifies that She has control over both the energies. fourth lower right hand symbolizes forgiveness and is carved in a blessing position. The conch in Her fourth lower left hand symbolizes happiness.

Maa Durga represents Shakti, the feminine energy; She symbolizes the divine positive energy that destroys all evil. The Lion on which Goddess Durga is enthroned represents determination, will and power. Riding on the lion back symbolizes Her mastery over all.

Sunstone is known as a stone of abundance. It encourages originality and independence. This stone is known to reveal hidden talents and attract sudden prosperity and fame. The Sunstone is also known as a "good luck" crystal for competitions.

You can place this beautiful idol in your alter or workplace.

Height:  5.9 inches
Base Dimension:  4.4 (L) X 2.3 (W) Inches
Weight:  718 gms

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