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Dynamic Chakra Cleansing Session with Neeta Singhal


INR 5,100


In this session, you will be released of one fear or limiting belief with the technique of Chakra Marjan Kriya. This is a dynamic release technique devised by realized Master Neeta Singhal to cleanse the Chakra rapidly in a single session. The 60 minutes guided session involves being witness to fear and emotions related to it in an aware state and willingly driving it away forever. This is followed by positive affirmations and relevant Chakra activated Beej mantra music to enliven the Chakra. When you mindfully release deep seated fear, you gain the power to transform your life of suffering, obstacles and confusions and connect with your aliveness, true wisdom and peace. This powerful technique enables you to handle challenges of life and transform your social, personal and professional aspects of life.

It is recommended to book this session after availing Consultation with Neeta Singhal that helps you uncover your deep seated beliefs. She will help you identify the path you need to take to cleanse them either with Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy solutions or through Chakra cleansing sessions.

Amount Payable: 5100 INR