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Earthen Multi-Layer pyramid


INR 2,800


This Multi-layer pyramid with perfect geometry is highly effective in giving positive energies to any location and removing Vastu defects. A pyramid generates fire (vital source of life) in middle and energises the surface it is placed on. Made from terracotta, it is more effective compared to fibre or plastic pyramids. Stack pyramid plates of 81, 9 and one single pyramid on top of other to charge huge structures like factories and buildings.

Place it on desk or near bed, entrance, extended portion or in prayer room or in direction where Vastu fault is present.

  • Promotes positivity, health and confidence
  • Brings fortune, harmony and prosperity
  • Dispels stress and negative energies

  • Dimension of pyramid: 3.9 (H) x 4.2 (L) x 4.2 (B) inches
    Weight of pyramid: 570 gms
    Dimension of box: 4 (H) x 4.3 (L) x 4.3 (B) inches
    Weight of set: 675 gms