Ekakshi Nariyal (One eyed Coconut) - I


INR 31,000


This rare coconut with one dot (eye) is of the most auspicious puja item in Vedic and Tantra puja. It is believed to be blessed by Goddess Laxmi and Lord Vishnu. Coconuts are usually seen with three dots. This one eyed coconut with natural one rib acts as an auspicious good fortune and prosperity charm. It can be kept in home, office or in place of business to solve financial problems. It ushers wealth, prosperity and permanent stay of wealth. Wrapping it in a red cloth and placing it in cash box or treasury is believed to get one’s desire fulfilled. It can also be keep in your altar or hung near entrance.

Place it on a Friday or Monday after energizing it with powerful mantra. Chant mantra “Om Shreem Shriye Namah” daily to enhance the power of the coconut.

Weight: approx. 200 gms