Exotic Laxmi Ganesh Sarawati Idols in Ivory Yellow Jade


INR 30,065

INR 30,265


Charming idols of Ganesha, Saraswati and Laxmi seated on Lotus marvellously crafted on high quality Ivory Yellow Jade gemstone is an extraordinary display of aesthetic artwork. The combination of soothing ivory yellow of the Jade and brilliant golden embossing and paintwork give the idols an imperial appearance. These deities are depicted as seated on Lotus blessing their devotees. The jewelleries in mesmerising traditional designed adorned by the deities are truly a marvel to look at. Goddess Laxmi has Her left hand in Varada mudra with golden coins showering from it and is seen holding lotuses in Her upper arms. Lord Ganesha is holding a sweet in His lower left palm and is holding Axe in His upper arms, while His attendant, the Mouse is carved at the base. Saraswati is holding Veena, Rosary and book in Her hands symbolizing Her divine blessing of knowledge and arts. The divine idols are worshipped together for blessings of wealth, prosperity, intellect, auspiciousness, abundance and success in all endeavors. With additional spiritual benefits of Yellow Jade, they promote additional energies of bliss, cheer, joy, adaptability and insightfulness. These divine idols can be placed in your puja altar or can be gifted as blessing to your loved one during festive season.