Flower Container in Copper


INR 851


A smoothly crafted Flower Container made in pure Copper, is useful for keeping fresh flowers and leaves for offering to Divine Deities at home. Copper is said to draw positive energies which is an advantage for Puja vessels. The Flower Container has two sturdy round handles which makes it easy to carry. The container is deep and can hold enough flowers/flower petals for your Puja, Pushpanjali and can also be used for keeping flowers for decoration purpose in front of Puja Alter, in occasions like, grihapravesh, wedding ceremony etc. Traditionally, offerings to Gods are decorated and displayed beautifully and neatly, as it shows our love and respect for Divine and the Flower Container in Copper can be used for all such purposes.

Buy the Flower Container in Copper for your home and gift them to loved ones.

Height: 3.75 inches