Ganesh Laxmi in crystal - 25 gms


INR 2,675


A beautiful set of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi idols carved dexterously from natural Crystal(Sphatik) Gemstone. Lord Ganesha and Maa Laxmi is generally worshipped together, especially during Diwali. Both the idols are carved with care, depicting them with their right lower hand raised in Abhaya Mudra, assuring devotees of their protection and blessings.

The Ganesha-Laxmi in Crystal amplifies the Divine energies of the Deities, retains the positive energies of Mantra chanting. Obstacles and negative energies are removed by the grace of Lord Ganesha and the cleansing property of Crystal Gemstone. Worshipping the Ganesha-Laxmi in Crystal at home, business/workspace, ushers auspiciousness, prosperity, wealth, riches, good luck, beauty enhances wisdom, leads to success in ventures, brings clarity of mind, harmony, balance, bestows name, fame, fertility, joy, abundance and blessings of Ganeshji and Maa Laxmi.

The superior quality Ganesha- Laxmi in Crystal makes a gift of good fortune for friends and family members.

Dimension of Ganesha Idol: approx 20.64 (H) x 1.35 (L) x 7.83 (W) mm
Weight of Ganesha Idol: 13.31 gms

Dimension of Laxmi Idol: approx 20.71 (H) x 0.24 (L) x 6.47 (W) mm
Weight of Laxmi Idol: 11.99 gms

Total Weight of the Set : 25 gms
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