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Ganesh Shaligram


INR 3,100


This Shaligram from Gandaki Kali River in Nepal has naturally polished finish and golden impressions inside. Shaligram stones are said to have the very high frequency and are highly auspicious for worship. This Shaligram represents Lord Ganesh, the God of intellect and wisdom. This Shaligram is highly beneficial for those wish to undertake new ventures as this Shaligram brings success in all undertakings and removes all obstacles. It also brings support, stability in all aspects of life and blesses the worshipper with higher intellect, wisdom, success and luck. Placing the Shaligram at home would remove negative energies and Vastu defects and bring auspiciousness. Students, businessmen, educationist, writers, those in field of art, science and intellectual work would immensely benefit from this Shaligram.

Shaligram are sacred stones worshipped at home and temples as His representation of Lord Vishnu. As they are believed to be self-manifest of Lord Vishnu, they do not require special invocation or initiation ritual or recitation of special hymns. Its worship includes an Abhisheka usually of Tulsi water and other liquids including curd, cow milk, ghee, honey and sugar. Worshipping it home bestows bestows six virtues in life – spiritual growth, pleasure, protection, noble way of life, wealth and good health.

Height: 1.4 inches
Length: 1.9 Inches
Width: 1.6 Inches
Weight: 91 gms