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Ganesha Columbian Green Jade - 1 kg


INR 23,000


This beautiful Lord Ganesh Idol, finely and artistically carved in 100% Natural Columbian Dark Green Jade Gemtone, is sitting on a Lotus with a Goad on his right upper hand and Shankh on his left upper hand, while is left palm holds a modak and the right hand is in a blessing position and his escort, the mouse is carved as sitting at his left.

Lord Ganesha in Columbian Dark Green Jade Gemstone brings love, generosity, spirituality, prosperity and abundance, along with removing of obstacles and ensuring success and glory and being a protector against accident and misfortunes.

Height: 5.6 inches
Base Dimension: 3.5" (L) X 2.8" (B)
Weight: 1 kg