Ganesha in Lemon Topaz - 142 carat


INR 8,525.00


Beautifully carved in a seated position in natural Lemon Topaz, this magnificent idol of Lord Ganesha is sure to increase the aesthetic value of your house while, inviting positivity, peace and happiness. The meticulously carved ornaments and the structure in whole is of brilliant craftsmanship. Before beginning or starting any new work we always offer prayers to Lord Ganesha as He bestows happiness, positivity and wards off negativity from our lives. Meditating over this divine idol will enhance your focus; give you a clear and bright outlook to make your future the way you want it to be.


  • Encourages self-power and self confidence
  • Attracts prosperity energies
  • Prevents bad dreams
  • Protects against enemies and disease

  • Height: 1.4 inches
    Base Dimension: 1.1" (L) x 0.8" (W)
    Weight: 28.37 gms / 142 carats


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