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Ganesha statue in Blue Stone - 738 gms


INR 11,075


Ganesha is endowed with every conceivable form of wealth: riches, knowledge, health, bliss, beauty. Ganesha is the remover of obstacles and the first to be worshipped among all Lords. His presence removes all obstcales and blesses with Riddhi-Siddhi.

Properties of blue sun stone
• Helps in dispelling fears and phobias
• Helps in bringing leadership qualities to its worshipper
• Reduces stress
• Removes depression
• Brings good luck and abundance
• Turns negative energies and psychic attacks into positive energies
• Increases personal power and will
• Increases life force energy
• Is helpful in contacting animal or spirit guides
• Is beneficial for general health, physical energy.

Height: 4.1 inches
Base Dimension: 3.2 inches (L) x 2.1 inches (B)
Weight: 738 gms