German Silver Yoni base with Narmada Lingam - XI


INR 1,550.00


Sacred Narmada Lingam sits on a beautifully crafted German silver Yoni base. The Yoni base is charmingly accentuated with floral design and holds a hooded snake which coils the Lingam. Narmada lingams from holy Narmada river are very sacred for worship by householders. They are the sacred and self-manifest representation of Lord Shiva.

The word Lingam is derived from the two Sanskrit words laya (dissolution) and agaman (recreation). Thus the Lingam symbolizes both the creative and destructive power of the Lord and great sanctity is attached to it by the devotees. Lord Shiva from time immemorial has been worshiped in the form of a lingam. The worship of a Shiva Lingam always includes an abhisheka usually of milk and water, but commonly with other liquids, including yogurt, honey and clarified butter as well.

Shiva Lingam is worshipped in homes and temples. At home it blesses with peace, unity and harmony in the family and guides devotees to spiritual path.

Placement: It is installed with Yoni facing North direction and west face of Lingam towards you.

Dimension of Narmada lingam:
Height: 1.5 inches
Centre Diameter: 0.8 inches
Weight of Lingam: 23 gms

Dimension of Yonibase:
Height of Yoni till snake: 3.8 inches
Length of yoni: 4.5 inches
Width of the yoni: 3 inches
Diameter of Lingam holder: 0.9 inches
Base Diameter: 2 inches
Weight: 87 gms

Total Height of the set: Approx. 3.8 inches
Total Weight of the set: Approx. 110 gms




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