Gomati Chakra Mala


INR 38,900


Designer Gomati Chakra Mala made in pure silver using 32 Gomati Chakras for prosperity, wealth and abundance. Gomati Chakras are obtained from the Gomati River in Dwarka. They resemble the Sudarshan Chakra of Lord Vishnu and are considered rare, natural and auspicious. Gomati Chakras are also regarded as one of the favorites of Goddess Mahalaxmi and hence are considered very meritorious. Wearing the Gomati Chakra on the body blesses the wearer with good fortune and provides protection against all miseries and negativities. Gomati Chakra Ring is also worn to enhance self-confidence and willpower.

No. of Gomati Chakras - 32
Length - 22 inches
Silver Used - 50 gms