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Gomed Ganesha - 91.60 Carats


INR 4,600


Delicately carved in a single natural Gomed gemstone, this beautiful idol of Lord Ganesh is sculpted in a sitting position. He is seen holding weapons in His two upper hands, while His right lower Hand is seen in a blessing pose and He is seen holding a modak in His left palm. Lord Ganesh is also popularly known as Siddhivinayaka (bestower of success) and Mangalmurti (All auspicious Lord). Before beginning any new task, Lord Ganesh is worshipped. Gomedh is a gemstone of planet Rahu and enhances self-confidence and encourages one to fulfill their dreams. Hessonite gemstone is also useful to those who want to get success in law practice, court cases, government affairs or political spheres. Gomedh pacifies Rahu malefics and destroys obstacles and enemies.


  • Blesses with health, vigour and vitality.
  • Removes confusion and provides mental clarity
  • Keeps temperament balanced.
  • Attracts new opportunities

  • Height: 28mm
    Base Dimension: 19mm (L) X 16mm (W)
    Weight: 91.60 Carats / 18.32 gms