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Green Aventurine Elephant - 192 gms


INR 2,400


An attractive Elephant statue with raised trunk, is crafted deftly from 100% natural Green Aventurine Gemstone, is auspicious. An Elephant with raised trunk acts a Vastu tool to attract good luck and fortune at home and workplace. Elephants are wise, powerful, patient, resilient and brings these energies to the dwelling, with the statue. The association of Lord Ganesha to Elephants makes the Green Aventurine Elephant significant for success.

Gemstones have innate healing properties and high vibration which removes negative energies and replaces with positivity. Green Aventurine stone is a harbinger of good luck, good opportunities in job or Business, prosperity, wealth, success and abundance. It helps to heal the Heart(Anahata)Chakra, accept one's own self and others as they are and also has properties of physical healing.

The virtuous Green Aventurine Elephant is a must for Business place or office for drawing good fortune and new opportunities. Keeping the Green Aventurine Elephant at home heals and harmonizes relationships, brings loving energies, tolerance and abundance of good things.

Height of Elephant - 2.4 Inches
Length of Elephant - 2.7 Inches
Width of Elephant - 1.4 Inches
Weight - 192 gms