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Green emerald beads mala


INR 22,500

INR 23,200

INR 29,025


Origin: Zambia

This gorgeous Green Emerald Beads Mala is made from 100% natural deep Green Emerald gemstone. The beads are faceted, Rondelle shaped in large size, which are arranged in increasing size from the mid- point of the mala on both sides. A shining Silver Om pendant is suspended from the central Sumeru bead which adds to the value of this mala. This Green Emerald Beads Mala is strung in thread with small knots between the beads.

The Emerald gemstone is very popular and is known to posses many healing properties. This Green Emerald Beads Mala acts on the Heart Chakra, opens the heart to love and heals it and bringing harmony to all relationships, including self. Emerald gemstone gives clarity of thought, brilliant and innovative ideas, boosts intellect, wisdom and makes one open to learning new things. It helps to be calm in challenging situations and the mental strength required to handle the toughest of situations. This Green Emerald Beads Mala attracts wealth and prosperity.

The Silver Om pendant helps with its vibration of peace and calm.