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Green jade designer yoni base with Narmada Lingam - I


INR 10,400


A deftly crafted natural Green Jade Gemstone designer Yoni base with a Narmada Lingam, looks enchanting and is sure to enhance the Divinity of your Puja Alter at home. The Green Jade Yoni base is neatly carved in a perfect Yoni shape with carving of Lotus petals around it and looks awesome with the contrasting colour of the Narmada Lingam. The Narmada Lingam is a self manifested Lingam, found in its natural form only in the banks of River Narmada(Madhya Pradesh, India) and possesses the highest vibration frequency among all stones on Earth. It keeps the space covered with its Divine energies and eliminates Vastu Doshas. It is best worshipped at home and blesses with profound benefits.

The Shivlinga represents Lord Shiva who is one of the Divine Triad along with Lord Brahma and Vishnu and the Destroyer of the Universe, the God of death and time. He is easy to please and on the other hand His angry Rudra form is feared even by Gods. The Yoni base is Prakriti, the feminine creative energy, Goddess Shakti (consort of Lord Shiva). The Lingam when installed on the Yoni base forms a Divine union from which all life force is created and also the point in which everything will dissolve at the end of time.

The auspicious Narmada Lingam brings harmony between family members, peace, ushers prosperity, all round protection, absolves sins and negative Karmas and paves the path to Moksha, aids in spiritual awareness and advancement and fulfils wishes of devotees.

The qualities of the Green Jade Gemstone add to the benefits of worshipping the Narmada Lingam. Green Jade draws energies of prosperity, money, good luck, it is associated with the Heart, heals it and brings love, compassion, willingness to forgive oneself and others.

Worshipping the admirable Green Jade Yoni Base with Narmada Lingam with pure intentions, bestows the combined benefits of the Lingam and Gemstone helps devotees to lead a peaceful, loving, prosperous, protected, secure happy life and brings blessings of Lord Shiva. Read about properties & placement instructions

Height of set: Approx.3.5 inches

Height of yoni base: 1.4 inches
Length of yoni base: 5.1 inches
Width of yoni base: 3.5 inches

Height of lingam: 2.1 inches
Centre diameter: 1.3 inches
Weight of lingam: 95 gms
Weight of yoni base: 669 gms

Total weight of the set: 764 gms