Green Jade Gaja Lakshmi with set of 2 Elephants


INR 35,425.00


This beautiful Gaja Lakshmi with Elephants as a pair are finely carved in 100% Natural light green jade gemstone with fine artistic meenakari artwork and the features of the Goddess and the elephants are nicely enhanced with fine hand art done by traditional artisans. Gaja Lakshmi is portrayed as a goddess with two elephants by her sides, symbolically bathing her as she sits on the lotus, adorning her favorite red garments, holding two lotuses, while her other two arms are in abhaya and varada mudras. Each elephant have a distinct art done on them. 

A Gemstone Jade Gaja Lakshmi with Elephants by her sides symbolizes power, strength, beauty, grace, fertility, aura and stability and apart from attracting love and money, it also serves as protective shield against accidents and misfortunes. Goddess Gajalakshmi is the bestower and protector of wealth, prosperity, abundance and royalty. 

Dimensions of Laxmi Idol:-
Height - 5.5 Inches
Base Dimension - 3.4" (L) x 2.4" (B) Inches
Weight - 951 gms

Dimensions of Elephants:-
Height of Each Elephant - 4.4 Inches
Length of Each Elephant - 5.5 Inches
Width of Each Elephant - 2.6 Inches
Weight of set - 2 kg