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Hanuman in Blue Sapphire-364.90 carat


INR 27,370


Idol of Hanuman meticulously crafted in 100% natural blue sapphire for blessings of strength and protection. Lord Hanuman has been featured as sitting in repose and raising His right hand in blessing pose, while His left rests on a pillow. A slab with striped pattern supports His back. Hanuman in blue sapphire makes a perfect combination which combats the malefic effects of planet Saturn and protects one from negative energies. Meditating on this divine Idol would help enhance focus, awareness and self-discipline, courage and confidence. The divine Idol can be placed in puja altar or on work or study desk. The divine Idol personifying His Bhakthavatsala form - the protector of devotees, is ideal to place in puja altar or on work or study desk.

Height: 1.8 inches
Base Dimension: 1.5 (L) x 0.9 (B) inches
Weight: 364.90 carat