Hanuman in Gomedh - 367 gms


INR 9,175.00


Lord Hanuman is worshipped for power and protection . He is the one whose worship provides relief from Shani/Saturn malefic effects . This magnificent Idol for your home/office/room to bring in good luck and protection from spirits and malefics of Shani planet. 

The auspicious Hindu deity Hanuman sitting in a very calm mood with his Gada and raises one hand in blessing. This unique natural gemstone idol in pure Natural Gomedh is perfect for your altar or home or as a gift for your dear ones. 

Lord Hanuman in Gomed - Hessonite Gemstone enhances self-confidence, encourages one to fulfill their dreams, brings success in legal matters and along with removing of obstacles and ensures success and glory. As Gomed-Hessonite is a planet Rahu gemstone, it also pacifies the Rahu malefics and destroys obstacles and enemies. 

Height - 4.6 Inches
Base Dimension - 2.5” (L) x 1.4” (B) Inches 
Weight - 367 gms