Hanuman the Protector - I


INR 1,715.00


Divine idol of Lord Hanuman artistically crafted in shining brass for blessings of protection. In this idol, He is seen in a half kneeling posture on a beautifully designed dais. His right hand is raised in Abhyam mudra signifying assurance of protection and He is holding a mace in His left hand signifying immense strength and bravery. He is bedecked with jewels and adorns a crown on His head and His tail is in upright position at the back. In this idol Lord Hanuman is in His Veermurti form which signifies courage, valour and fearlessness. He is worshipped to overcome problems of black magic, possessions and sufferings due to malefic effect of planet Mars and Saturn. Place the idol in your puja altar for blessings of power and divine protection.

Height: 4.25 inches
Length: 2.75 inches
Weight: 423 gms


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