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Heart Chakra shawl - Anahata


INR 850


The Heart(Anahata) Chakra Shawl looks soothing with its lovely Green colour, the colour of the Heart(Anahata) Chakra. The Shawl has the symbol of the Anahata Chakra, the 12 Petal Lotus, neatly printed on the body and the Beej Mantra "Yam" on the border. The Shawls are perfect for wrapping during meditation, spiritual practices, Puja ceremonies and for wearing them casually. The light weight Shawl is viscose jacquard, which makes it soft to wear too. The Heart or Anahata Chakra is about feelings, emotions and is the seat of love, compassion, forgiveness of self and others and devotion.

Length x Width: approx. 78 x 27 inches