Indrakshi Mala in pure gold - II




Average bead size: Average 32 mm
Pure 22ct Gold used: Approximately 161 grams

Design: Indrakshi mala is mala of the Gods, made of all the rare finest collector beads of 1 mukhi till 21 mukhi, Gauri Shankar, Trijuti, Ganesh, Garbh Gauri and Savar of Nepal origin. Beads are capped in designer pure 22ct gold caps.

Significance: Indrakshi Mala or Indra Mala is the rarest and the most powerful amongst all Rudraksha combinations. According to the Katyani Purana, the Indrakshi Mala is a rare possession that only a few fortunate persons in the world can possess. As per the Purana, Gayatri Devi in all Her forms resides in this mala. Also the person who possesses this Mala receives the blessings of Lord Shiva, Vishnu, Durga, Ganesha, Laxmi, Surya, Kuber and all other Deities that are the rulers and represent different Rudraksha beads. The Indrakshi Mala is a grand possession and a family treasure whose power spans across generations.

Purpose: The Indrakshi Mala symbolizes the pinnacle of achieving prowess whether in the material world or the spiritual universe. It is believed that the Mala bestows power of the King of Gods Indra to its wearer. Thus whoever wishes to reach the highest level of success in both the materialistic or spiritual realms, wearing of the Indra Mala is strongly recommended.

Fit for the royalty, this grand possession is a family treasure. Its price increases every year due to the rarity of the beads. Its power spans across generations. It provides riches, pleasures, comforts and all earthly desires, as well leads one to path of righteousness and Moksha.

Benefits: According to the Katyani Purana, the Indrakshi Mala makes the wearer 'Ichadhari' implying that any of his wishes is the command for the entire universe. The Indra mala influences all Siddhis for accomplishment in the any field and blesses the wearer with riches, pleasures, comforts, wish fulfillment and all earthly desires, as well leads him on to the path of righteousness and Moksha. The Indra Mala also provides supreme protection against misfortunes, accidents and seen and unseen dangers.

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