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Ivory Yellow Jade Ganesha - 90 gms


INR 1,125


Beautifully sculpted in natural single piece of Ivory Yellow Jade gemstone, this idol of Lord Ganesh looks simple yet elegant because of its design and soothing colour of Ivory Yellow Jade. This idol features Lord Ganesh in a seated pose, holding weapons in His two upper hands while, His right hand is carved in a blessing pose and a Modak is carved on top of His left palm. Lord Ganesh has many names; one of the most popular names of Lord Ganesh is Sukhkarta meaning (One who brings happiness and Joy). Lord Ganesh blesses His worshipper’s with enhanced wisdom and happiness. He also protects and wards off negativity from the dwelling and the people who dwell in that house. Yellow Jade is placed to attract money and also for protection against accidents / misfortunes. Place the Idol in your puja altar, at your office or work station and bring happiness, wealth, peace and success in your life


  • Offers energetic vibrations
  • Promotes emotional stability
  • Brings happiness and joy
  • Offers protection from accidents and misfortunes
  • Helps attract good luck
  • Enhances leadership qualities

  • Height: 2.2 inches
    Base Dimension: 1.6 (L) X 1.1 (B) Inches
    Weight: 90 gms