Jade Buddha - Large


INR 17,250


Buddha, meaning "awakened one" or "enlightened one" is a title not a name. He is viewed as being the 9th avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu. He instructed his followers in the dharma (truth) and the "Middle Way" a path between worldly life and extremes of self-denial. In this magnificent idol, He is carved in natural green Australian jade. 

Property of Jade:
  • Jade is considered the health, wealth and longevity stone. 
  • Jade is considered having a gentle, steady pulse of healing energy. 
  • Jade gives excellent results when kept on right side of study table of students for enhancing memory and concentration . Very good for students pursuing higher education. 

  • Height: 6.75 inches
    Base dimension: 4.5 (L) x 2 (W) inches
    Weight: 1.125 kgs

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