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Kalki Kuber Ganesh Shaligram Shila


INR 1,100


The lustrous Shaligram Shila bears clear markings which indicate the attributes of Lord Ganesha, Kalki and Kuber, in this Shaligram. The Shaligram Shila is a representation of Lord Vishnu and a self manifested stone. They are found in their natural form in the Kali Gandaki River, Nepal. Kalki Kuber Ganesh Shaligram Shila brings auspiciousness, removes obstacles bestows wealth, riches, good luck, protects from Adharma and other significant blessings.

Lord Ganesha is the God of new beginnings, clears hurdles, brings success, wisdom, intellect, artistic skills, abundance. He is the first Deity to be worshipped to commence any Puja, religious rituals, auspicious occasions. The presence of Lord Ganesha energies is extremely beneficial for the space and devotees.

Lord Kuber is the God of wealth and treasurer of Heaven and showers wealth, riches, guards family wealth and abundance of material benefits.

Lord Kalki is the 10th Avatar of Lord Vishnu and will appear at the end of the currently running Kali Yuga, to clear the world of sins and evil and restore Dharma. It is believed is the most suitable incarnation of Lord Vishnu to worship in present time for protection, confidence and other blessings.

Benefits of Kalki Kuber Ganesh Shaligram Shila
  • Protection from enemies, evil, negative energies etc.
  • Good health
  • Wealth, prosperity
  • Riches, luxuries
  • Opulence
  • Material contentment
  • Removes obstacles and hurdles
  • Success in all ventures
  • Wisdom, knowledge, intelligence
  • Peace
  • Guides to follow Dharma
  • Spiritual growth
  • Safety of family wealth
  • Happy family
  • Confidence, stability, security
  • Courage to face situations and be victorious
  • Enhanced artistic skills
  • Promotion
  • Abundance

  • The Kalki Kuber Ganesh Shaligram Shila is favourable for everyone, including businessmen, those in Artistic field, warriors of peace, jewellers etc. It brings all round satisfaction and peace.

    Dimension of Shaligram:
    Height: 0.9 inches
    Length: 1.7 inches
    Width: 1.3 inches
    Weight: 46 gms