Kartikeya idol in Crystal - 109 gms


INR 10,355


The radiant Lord Kartikeya idol well crafted in Crystal(Sphatik) Gemstone, ideal to be worshipped at home. Lord Kartikeya is commonly seen in standing posture, with weapons in all His four hands, but in this rare idol, He is depicted sitting on a Lotus, holding a sweet in His left hand. Lord Kartikeya is also called Shanmukha, the God with 6 heads, which is seen in the idol. Three of His heads are carved in front and three at the back. The Kartikeya idol in Crystal is auspicious for home and brings all round protection from negative and evil energies. Meditating on the 6 headed Lord Kartikeya is also said to stimulate the Sixth Chakra, which is the Ajna or Third Eye Chakra, making the idol apt for those seeking spiritual attainments.

Crystal Gemstone is preferred for making Deity idols as Sphatik amplifies the Divine energies, has the capability to hold the positive energies of Mantra chanting and cleanses negative energies from the space that the Crystal idol is installed and aids in meditation.

Worshipping the magnificent Lord Kartikeya idol in Crystal brings clarity and calmness, removes nervousness, blesses with victory, provides courage, confidence, determination, wisdom including spiritual wisdom. For ushering love or for a happy married life, worshipping the Lord Kartikeya idol in Crystal, blesses with desired outcome.

Height: 3.0 inches
Base Dimension: 0.9 (D) x 1.6 (W) inches
Weight: 109 gms