Kartikeya idol in Green Jade


INR 31,275


This magnificent idol of Lord Kartikeya crafted majestically from single piece of green Jade looks captivating which the Lord represents. Enhanced with coloured and golden paintwork, the idol looks life-like. The soft hue of the green Jade adds to the charm of the idol. Green Jade being the stone which evokes energies of courage and abundance brilliantly complements the divine blessings of Lord Kartikeya, Who is worshiped for intelligence, willpower, success in all endeavours, luck in assets and relief from debts.

In this idol, Kartikeya is portrayed standing on a dais designed as Lotus bed. Richly decked in jewels, Kartikeya has His right hand in Abhayam mudra, signifying assurance of protection and left hand resting on waist, which is significant of protection from problems. His favourite weapon, Vel (spear) is seen besides Him which is symbolic of focus. His Mount, the peacock and two bowl full of Prasad (food offering) and flowers in gold are seen at the base. The arc looks with beautiful artwork adds to the divinely mesmerizing appeal of the idol. The idol being a paragon of brilliant artwork is bound to divine elegance to your décor when placed in living area, altar, study or work desk, place of business or office.

Height:11 inches
Base Dimension: 7.5 (L) x 2.5 (B) inches
Weight: 3.716 kgs