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Ladoo Gopal Shaligram - I


INR 1,100


A lovely lustrous Shaligram Shila with a near perfect round shape that resembles the shape of a Ladoo (Indian sweet). The Ladoo Gopal Shaligram is a must for every home for the happy energies it brings. The Shaligram Shila is a self manifested stone which represents Lord Vishnu and has been worshipped through history. Ladoo Gopal is the crawling baby form of Lord Krishna, the 8th Avatar of Lord Vishnu, which makes this Shaligram Shila auspicious for devotees. The image of adorable Ladoo Gopal depicts Him with a Ladoo held in His right hand, crawling or sitting, with an innocent smile on His face. The Ladoo also represents being rewarded for good deeds. The Ladoo Gopal Shaligram possesses high frequency vibration which shields the dwelling and keeps negativity at bay.

The Ladoo Gopal Shaligram is extremely favourable for couples who are finding it difficult to conceive a child, pregnant women, safe child birth, healthy happy progeny, wit and for wish fulfilment. The Leelas(pastimes) of Lord Krishna at every stage of His life has portrayed various shades of His supreme personality. The Shaligram Shila is worshipped by performing Abhishekham with Tulsi leaves, water and a mixture of Cow's Milk, Ghee, Curd, Honey and Sugar.

Benefits of Ladoo Gopal Shaligram
  • Protection from danger, harm, enemies, evil and lower energies
  • Good health
  • Wealth, prosperity,
  • Luxuries, comforts
  • Sweeps away challenges
  • Abundance of joy and happiness
  • Favourable outcome for couples who are facing challenges in conceiving child
  • Ensures safe child birth, healthy baby
  • Success
  • Peace
  • Wit and humour
  • Loving relationships
  • Improves relationship between mother and child
  • Righteous living
  • Spiritual ascension
  • Purity of mind
  • Clears negative energies
  • Removes Vastu Doshas
  • Wisdom

  • The Ladoo Gopal Shaligram is a must have for every home for auspiciousness, all round happiness and abundant blessings of Lord Vishnu/Krishna.

    Height: 1 inches
    Width: 1 inches
    Weight: 29 gms