Lakshmi Charan in White Agate


INR 1,575.00


This divine artefact features Goddess Laxmi charan (feet print) carved on top of unfolding Lotus, made of natural white Agate gemstone. The totality of Goddess Laxmi is contained within Her feet hence Her feet represent Her divine blessings. The left foot of Goddess encompass different symbols representing different blessings - Bow & Arrow (Goals and objective), fish (Health and prosperity), pot (manifestation of desires), moon (purity), tilak (victory and respect), Triangle (achievement of objective) and Chakra (Good fortune). The right foot of Goddess contains Swastika (knowledge), Chakra (protection), Shankh (energy), Surya (success), Kumbha (good health), Flag (the right direction), Vajra (focus), lotus (prosperity) and Trident (strength and purity). Made in White Agate, the Charan promotes additional energies of balance, calmness, courage and endurance. The Laxmi Charan is placed at puja altar or at home or office or place of business for Her divine blessings of wealth, prosperity, fertility, fortune and wealth.

Top Diameter: 2.2 inches
Height: 1.1 inches
Weight: 126 gms


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