Laughing Buddha in natural Sunstone


INR 30,100


This smiling and cheerful idol of Laughing Buddha is splendidly sculpted in Sunstone gemstone. This joyous idol features Laughing Buddha in a seated pose. Many statues show the Laughing Buddha surrounded by children. The most common number of children is five. This symbolizes the blessing in all areas of life and enhances positive energy in the home or work place When the Laughing Buddha is seen playing with many children, (usually five in number) this symbolizes good fortune arriving from the heavens. Maitraya Buddha has long been associated with virtue of innocent joy, kindness and great gentleness. He is also associated with bringing good luck and an abundance of good Chi' when invited into one’s home.

Height: 3.75 inches
Base width: 5 inches
Weight: 1.4 kgs

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