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Laxmi Ganesha Shaligram Shila


INR 1,100


A lustrous Shaligram Shila with a lovely shape and markings, is named Laxmi Ganesha Shaligram Shila. The Shaligram Shila is a self manifested stone which represents Lord Vishnu and found exclusively in the Kali Gandaki river, Nepal. Goddess Laxmi is the Divine consort of Lord Vishnu and the Goddess of wealth, good fortune and abundance. Lord Ganesha epitomises auspiciousness, removes hurdles from life and blesses with success, wisdom, intellect, good luck and abundance. He is the first God to be worshipped before commencing any Puja, religious ritual or auspicious occasion. The sacred Shaligram Shila clears the space of negative energies, keeps it positive and corrects Vastu Doshas. It brings material abundance, good health, righteous living, spiritual augmentation, peace, worldly pleasures and protection.

The Shaligram Shila is worshipped by conducting Abhishek with Water and Tulsi leaves and a mixture of Cow Milk(without boiling), Curd, Ghee, Honey, Sugar.

The Laxmi Ganesh Shaligram Shila is a must buy for every home for auspiciousness, material abundance, wisdom, happy and healthy family, success, name, fame, progeny, invincible protection and blessings of Lord Vishnu.

Dimension of Shaligram:
Height: 1.0 inches
Length: 2.3 inches
Width: 1.4 inches
Weight: 91gms