Laxmi Pyramid


INR 3,565


Pyramid with Shree Yantra etched on base. This unique art provides the benefit of both Pyramid and Shree Yantra.

The Crystal pyramid is itself a forceful field of light and energy, which can be used as a sonic protection against negativity. Pyramid structure emits positive energy which neutralizes the negative energy caused within any premises due to incorrect vastu. The Shree Yantra, also known as the Yantra of the cosmos, is a highly eye-catching and one of the most dynamic of all Yantras with a total of nine triangles, four pointing upward and five pointing downward. Despite this asymmetrical aspect, the diagram gives an aura of perfect symmetry. The upward pointing triangles are Shiv triangles, and the downward pointing ones are Shakti. The intersection of these triangles symbolically produces manifestations in the material world. The dot, or the bindu in the center, represents individual consciousness, otherwise translated as the spirit, or the soul.

This unique art provides the benefits of both Pyramid and Shreeyantra and is very effective in correcting Vastu defects , as well as attracting positivity and abundance.

Uses of Pyramid:
  • When kept in the Northeast corner a sense of well being is felt by family members.
  • When kept in the Southwest corner in bedroom to ensures sound sleep.
  • House wives feeling tired and restless should keep one in the Southeast corner of the kitchen to become energetic.
  • Use it in study rooms of kids to have more concentration in their studies.
  • Keep it in your office cabin in the Southwest corner for smooth running of the business.
  • To get rid off black magic, bury four Pyramids in the four corners of the house.