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Laxmi Shankh Sudarshan Shaligram Shila


INR 3,100


A Shaligram Shila with definite spiral impression, is named Laxmi Shankh Sudarshan Shaligram Shila, is auspicious for home and family members. The Shaligram Shila is a self manifested stone and represents Supreme Lord Vishnu, the preserver and protector of the Universe in the Hindu pantheon. It brings the six virtues of creation of wealth, good health, righteous living, spiritual growth and worldly pleasures. The Shaligram Shila is corrects Vastu defects, it high vibration frequency removes negative energies and fills the space and inmates with positivity. Goddess Laxmi is the Divine consort of Lord Vishnu and is also present in the Shaligram, with Lord Vishnu. The Shankh or Conch shell, is considered auspicious, represents Goddess Laxmi, it is an emblem of Lord Vishnu and His image depicts Him holding the Shankh in one of His hands. Sudarshan refers to the Sudarshan Chakra, the disc like weapon, which is a significant part of Lord Vishnu's weapons and one more symbol of the Divine Lord. The Laxmi Shankh Sudarshan Shaligram Shila is a desirable Shaligram for every home.

The Shaligram Shila is found in its natural form in the banks of Kali Gandaki river, Nepal. It bears natural spiral markings which resemble the Sudarshan Chakra(discus weapon) of Lord Vishnu. Dedicatedly worshipping the Shaligram Shila with a pure heart obliterates sins of the devotees and leads to liberation from the cycle of birth and death. It is worshipped by performing Abhishek, with Water and Tulsi leaves and a mixture of Cow Milk(without boiling), Curd, Ghee, Honey, Sugar.

Install the Laxmi Shankh Sudarshan Shaligram Shila and usher wealth, worldly pleasures, peace, success, new opportunities, harmonious relationships, blissful married life, name, fame, spiritual elevation, longevity, progeny, invisible protection and all round happiness.

Dimension of Shaligram:
Height: 2.2 inches
Length: 1.1 inches
Width: 2.1 inches
Weight: 216 gms