Tamba (Copper) Kada - XVII


INR 325


Copper kada bracelet featuring silver, copper and brass wires in braid pattern makes a vivacious healing adornment. Crafted with sheer flawlessness, the Kada is comfortable to wear due to its light weight and smooth finish on the inner side of bracelet. With open-end setting to adjust as per the wrist size, the bracelet is suitable for any gender and any ensembles be it casual of semi-casual wears. With the copper having therapeutic effect on body, the Kada is surely a standout accessory. Wearing copper accessory regularly allows the body to easily imbibe the mineral content of copper. It helps improve immunity, regulate blood circulation, provides relief from ailments like arthritis, anaemia, and prevent bacterial infections. Being associated with planet Mars and Sun, it has balancing effect on the planets.

Inner Band: 2.8 inches (Adjustable)
Width: 9 mm
Weight: 34.62 gms