Lord Anantha Padmanabha in Ruby


INR 2,07,500


This idol of Lord Anantha Padmanabha brilliantly crafted from single piece of natural Ruby is truly a masterpiece. In this breath-taking idol, Lord Vishnu reclines on the coiled Serpent Adi Sesha or Ananta, a multiple hooded snake which is facing inwards signifying contemplation. A lotus flower emerges from Lord Vishnu’s navel, thus He is revered as Padmanabha. Lord Brahma is seated on the emerging Lotus signifying the inception of material creation. Lord Vishnu rests His right arm on a pillow and has His right hand in blessing pose and holds a mace in other hand. He holds a conch and discuss in His upper arms. Maa Laxmi is seen seated near Lord Vishnu’s feet and massaging His legs symbolizing Lord Vishnu being unaffected by material wealth. The near perfect carving of physical features of Deities jewels and scaly texture of Shesha reflects the artistic brilliance of the craftsman. Anantha Padmanabha is worshipped for blessings of fortune, harmony, abundance, protection, wealth, success and power of creativity. Ruby enhances the power of planet Sun and imparts name, fame, prosperity, power, good health and creativity. This idol discharging divine blessing through the cosmic energies of Ruby is highly beneficial for administrative and political professionals.

Height: 3.8 Inches
Base Dimension: 4.5 (L) x 1.8 (W) inches
Weight: 4150 carat