Lord Vitthal with Rukmini Idol in Black Agate


INR 33,725


Idols of Lord Vitthal and His divine consort Rakhumai brilliantly crafted in natural black Agate gemstone beautifully replicate the Pandharpur idols. The idols with physical features crafted in realistic manner and minute attention given to fold lines of clothing and extravagant ornaments reflect the artistic brilliance. In this Idol, Lord Vitthal and Rakhumai are depicted standing on dais with arms akimbo posture signifying that He is observing everything as a spectator (Sakthibhav). Lord Vishnu had taken the Vitthal form on request of his devotee Pandulik when He came to visit Pandulik, impressed over Pandalik’s love and devotion for His parents. Goddess Rakhumai is worshipped along with Lord Vitthal. The divine couples in black Agate bless you with calmness, strength, protection, stability, awareness along with blessings of harmony, bliss fortune, prosperity and spiritual power.

Dimension of Vitthal Idol:
Height: 8.2 inches
Base Dimesnion: 3.1 (L) x 1.8 (W) inches
weight: 761 gms

Dimension of Rukmini Idol:
Height: 7.2 inches
Base Dimesnion: 3 (L) x 1.6 (W) inches
Weight: 588 gms

Total weight of the set: 1.349 kgs